Analyzing ThunderCats: The New Reels of Thundera

Many people have warm feelings toward ThunderCats, an animated cult cartoon from the ’80s. Cat-like aliens named Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat, and Wilykit are the protagonists of this show. Having fled their wrecked planet for another, they must now figure out how to make that world their home while fending off a variety of villains. The program was created in Japan with the help of American voice performers before being acquired by Warner Bros. in 1989.

Blueprint Gaming has signed a licensing agreement with Warner Bros., and as a result, the studio’s library of branded slots has grown to include ThunderCats Reel of Thundera, a game based on the same design as the studio’s previous releases, such as The Goonies, Mars Attacks!, and Beavis and Butthead. If you’re familiar with these games, you’ll have a good idea of what to anticipate here. It employs 5 reels and 20 paylines and is packed with bonuses, free spins, and a feature bet that only the brave should attempt. Playing ThunderCats Reel of Thundera costs anything from 10 cents to 200€ every spin, making it accessible to players of all budgets and experience levels.

The level of manufacturing throughout is superb. Cartoon-like artwork in keeping with the original series will make any ThunderCats fan wet himself over this game. On the reels you’ll find the J, Q, K, and A royals along with surfboards, nunchakus, ThunderTanks, swords, and the ThunderCats logo; the background is a sea of molten lava, and there’s catchy high-tempo music to establish the atmosphere. The latter, which may show up on the reels in enormous stacks, is the most lucrative, paying out 50 times your wager for five on a payline. The wild symbol can be used in place of any other symbol save the scatter and has the same value as the highest-valued symbol.

The Awaken the Eye of Thundera feature can activate at any time in the main game to grant you one of six different reel modifications. Here’s what to anticipate:

Lion-O – adds wild symbols to the reels, enhancing the probability of a winning combination.

Any winning combination can reactivate the feature in which Tygra swipes the reels in an attempt to make them wild.

A panthro can strike anywhere from 2 to 5 reels at once, delivering identical symbols on each.

The Cheetara feature quickly sprints across the reels, rearranging all visible symbols. There is a maximum of five times that this can happen.

As the reels spin, Wily Kit and Wily Kat will use their Mystery Symbol ability to place identical symbols on each reel.

Snarf – will add scatter symbols to the reels, increasing the probability of triggering the extra feature.

Furthermore, four extra reel modifiers can activate after a lost spin to provide you five of a kind winnings, improved symbols, or the removal of symbols.

The ThunderCats logo acts as a bonus scatter symbol, so keep an eye out for it. When 3 or more logos appear, the bonus wheel is activated, and when it stops, one of the 6 extra features is revealed. It’s worth mentioning that we found the wheel to be unbalanced, with the two lowest-ranking bonuses being the ones it landed on most often. Either way, after your bonus has been delivered, you’re now offered the chance to gamble it in hope to win a greater one with the risk having to walk away with a cash reward instead, or accept what you’ve been given. Once the campaign is started, you may look forward to the following rewards:

Selecting an Eye of Thundera will disclose one of four possible results; see “Sight Beyond Sight.” Use Lion-O to boost your Cash Multiplier, the Thundercats logo to enhance your Cash Multiplier values, Mumm-Ra to finish the feature, and Thundertank to access a new bonus round. You can trigger any one of the five additional bonuses if the ThunderTank comes up three times.

At the base of the Black Pyramid, you’ll see three possible results and have to choose one of them. The Thundercats logo will increase the bonus at the peak of The Black Pyramid, while Mumm-Ra will finish the feature. If you land on an up arrow, you’ll progress. If you get to the top of the Black Pyramid, you’ll unlock a new bonus.

Free Games with the Living: A visible multiplier chooses a random number between x2 and x5 after each spin, increasing the payout for a winning combination by that amount. During any spin, if two or more Special Mumm-Ra symbols appear in view, extra Ever-Living Spins will be given. Each time the retrigger occurs, the multiplier will pick a number between x6 and x10 at random.

Hear The Roar: Free Spins – If the Lion-O symbol is in view during any spin, it will upgrade another symbol according to the depiction above the reels. You’re allowed four chances at this. You can earn more free spins after the current round of free spins ends. Depending on the Eye of Thundera you pick, the bonus round will terminate or you’ll receive bonus spins.

Thundercats Hooo! During the bonus round, if a wild symbol emerges in view, it will remain in place until the round concludes. If you manage to load an entire reel with wild symbols, you’ll be awarded five bonus spins.

Five scatter symbols, a successful gamble, or the bonus wheel landing on the Ancient Spirits of Evil segment activates this feature. The game’s outcome is determined by the player’s choice from among five symbols. The Lion-O button will spin the wheel, the Thundercats logo will advance you to the next ring, Mumm-Ra will stop the feature, the Red Arrow button will add additional red arrows to the wheel, and the Upgrade button will boost the values on the wheel. If you spin the wheel and stop on a monetary prize, a red arrow will appear in its place. If you land on a red arrow, you’ll advance to the next level. Reaching the middle of the wheel will earn the Ultimate Thunder bonus.

The Ultimate Thunder Bonus will get all of your profits from Ancient Spirits of Evil. Here, you’ll get to choose one of the ThunderCats and double your earnings by the number shown.

The Final Say on ThunderCats: Reels of Thundera

We’d be lying if we claimed we weren’t let down by Blueprint’s decision to rebrand its branded slots (The Goonies, among others) as ThunderCats Reels of Thundera. If you didn’t enjoy other games, you probably won’t enjoy this one either. If you enjoy the multi-bonus, feature-heavy slots that Blueprint has mastered so well and aren’t put off by the obvious similarities in gameplay, you’ll have a blast with this one.

The vivid colors and engaging animation make it a fun and exciting slot to play, and the great music complements the well-designed modifiers. ThunderCats Reels of Thundera is a fantastic adaption that does a wonderful job of capturing the show’s fast-paced action while also providing a chance to win up to 10,000 times your initial bet.






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